Strategically located in Phuket as an oasis with net-zero emissions and an easy access,
Tri Vananda opens up a new world of wellness and a new way of living.

What is Tri Vananda?

The name "TRI VANANDA" arose to capture the desire for cognitive wellness in this specific site. TRI: Here, your past, present, and future self can find true balance and peace. VANA: represents lush forests and biophilic designs to inspire sustainable lifestyles. NANDA: represents ultimate happiness, where this is a place to experience contentment and bliss. In Sanskrit, TRI VANANDA means “Forest of Lasting Happiness”.

Tri Vananda is a multigenerational living community, purposely built for functional and integrative medicine and nutrition, cognitive health and mindfulness, as well as biophilic design. Here, everyone can find a place to call their own, to grow, learn and truly be together.


Pure white sands, aquamarine waters, and lush forests have made Phuket one of the most desirable places to live in Asia & a multicultural tropical haven for wellness.

Located in Central Phuket, 600 rai (237 acres) of forests and lakes fill the Tri Vananda site with breathtaking nature. Only 15% of the land will be developed with biophilic designed homes and buildings. Being only 15 minutes from Phuket International Airport and only minutes away from pristine beaches, a marina, national park, shopping centers, UWC International school and Bangkok Hospital, Tri Vananda is in the perfect spot for every resident's needs.

Facts and Figures

Facts and Figures

  • 600 rai (approx. 230 acres) of greenery and maximum 15% development (low-density).
  • Architects: Arsom Silp Institute of the Arts and Habita Architects
  • Interior Designers: P49 Deesign and AvroKO
  • Landscape Advisor: Pramook Pensut, formerly Director General of Queen Sirikit Botanic Garden Chiang Mai.


  • Residential community with private entrance, reception, restaurant, bar, lounge, fitness, Tweenies Club, outdoor playground, outdoor community space, and swimming pool.
  • Wetland nature reserve with botanical garden to collect, clean and store water for Tri Vananda as well as neighbouring communities.
  • Residential villas with various layouts, from one to four-bedroom private pool villas. Residents can choose the location of the villa first before deciding on a villa layout that suits them best.
  • Sustainable farms to grow organic food and to organize educational activities for children.
  • Best-in-class Integrative Wellness Facilities & Services: reception with inner forest and restaurant, indoor and outdoor spa treatments & relaxation areas, fitness center with Olympic swimming pool, juice bar, mindfulness center, private one and two-bedroom wellness villas, wellness restaurant, personal health consultation services.

Residential Villas

Private residential villas at Tri Vananda resemble a cozy tropical home, ideal for a lifestyle of wellness, sustainability and multi-generational use. The solar-powered villas consist of nature views and are designed to receive natural lights and wind. Residents can select the villa location before picking a layout.

The 8 villa layouts range from 1 to 4-bedroom pool villas, with different setups, from 120sqm to 763sqm.

Tri Vananda residents will also enjoy various benefits from the wellness resort facilities, food and beverage services as well as services & beach use at Trisara resort.


PRU JAMPA Community House - relaxing and fun activities for all ages.
VANANDA Lifestyle Ring - concierge, all-day dining, social spaces & wellness consultation.
Integrative Wellness - facilities & conventional & holistic treatments.
Wellness Restaurant - menus by on-site nutritionists, lake views with natural light.
Active Movement Center - fitness instructors, equipment & daily activities.
Wellbeing Center - traditional medicine, health diagnostics & wellness programs.
Mindfulness Center & MANORAH Grand Hall - cognitive wellness.
Wellness Pool Villas - private villas with lake views and swimming pools for visitors.
Wetland Nature Reserve - natural water filtration and sustainable storage.
Community Garden - healthy produces and learning.

Our Teams

Habita Architects

Habita Architects is known for out-standing luxury hotel and resort architecture and designs that combine both the natural and the built environment as a delicate entity with its own character, history and future.

Arsom Silp Institute of the Arts

National artists at the Arsom Silp Institute of the Arts work together with Habita Architects to bring the project design to its true nature-focused purpose, wellness functions, and sustainable living.


P49 DEESIGN is an award-winning interior design company specializing in Hospitality projects around the world and one of Thailand’s leading design companies.


Interior design lies at the heart of AvroKO. Since its launch in 2001, AvroKO has earned a reputation as one of the most innovative design firms in the field, due in large part to the group’s integrated design process and focus on creating emotionally connected experiences.

Susan Harmsworth

With over 50 years experience in the spa and wellness industry, having founded and managed multiple successful wellness businesses, Susan Harmsworth gives technical guidance to the wellness services at Tri Vananda.

Under a Tree

Under a Tree's team of professional wellness experts will work with Tri Vananda to provide best-in-class personal consultation and tailor-made treatments.

Montara Hospitality

Montara Hospitality Group (MHG) was established by the Pattamasaevi family, the original shareholders and developers of the renowned Trisara in Phuket. The group also owns one-Michelin-starred PRU and Michelin Plate-designated Seafood at Trisara

plus the renowned Thai restaurant Praya Dining in Bangkok. Together with a team of experienced hoteliers, Montara Hospitality invests in best-in-class hospitality platforms that connect investors, lifestyle travelers, and innovative hoteliers. Montara’s properties include Phuket's most exclusive pool villa beach resort, Trisara; Bangkok's only river mansion boutique hotel, Praya Palazzo; and the innovative movie house-turned-hotel, Prince Theatre Heritage Stay in Bangrak.